Wallpaper & Wall Mural FAQ



How do I calculate how much wallpaper to order? We always recommend checking with your wallpaper installer first to accurately calculate how many rolls you will need. However, you can always email us your wall size for an estimate.

Does wallpaper stick to textured walls? Depending on the pattern and thickness of the wallpaper, it may be tricky with a textured wall. Sometimes the texture of the wall will show through the wallpaper. It’s always best to order a sample and consult your installer. 

How do I install wallpaper? Unless you have experience hanging wallpaper, you will likely want to hire a professional. 



Does the self-adhesive material stick to textured walls? The self-adhesive material isn’t really meant for textured walls, and the more texture you have, the more it will peel up. If you have mild texture and aren’t sure, order a sample to test it out. Make sure to leave the sample on the wall for a few days or a week to make sure it doesn’t peel or bubble.

Does it matter what type of paint I have? Removable or peel & stick wallpaper works best on walls with an eggshell or semi-glass finish. It can still work on flat paint as well, but flat paint is more delicate, so there is the possibility that it could peel up the paint while adjusting the paper during install.  If you paint, wait at least 30 days before installing self-adhesive material.

How do I install self-adhesive paper? If you’re a DIYer, instructions will come with your material. You can always hire a professional as well. It’s always best if your walls are clean and dry, and NOT newly painted.

Does the climate matter? It can! If the material gets too cold, it can be less flexible and harder to install. If you have higher humidity in your home, the paper might not stick as well. 

How do I remove self-adhesive paper? The key is to remove it slowly. Start with a top corner and peel slowly and carefully downwards. Bend the paper all the way down when you are peeling (against itself). If there are any spots that are tough to remove, you can use a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive. If you have flat paint, be extra careful since flat paint is more delicate.


Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us!


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