In case you didn’t know, we’ve been offering a special limited time E-Design service through Project Nursery, and today we’re revealing one of the latest projects—it was such a fun one! Our client didn’t want to find out the gender in advance, but did want to have options for both a boy and a girl. What we typically do in these situations is design most of the nursery as gender neutral, so things like the main nursery furniture can all be chosen in advance.

The client knew she wanted to incorporate blue for a boy or girl, so we were able to choose some of the nursery decor as well that will stay no matter what the gender is. Then we chose other accents that would be specific to a boy or a girl to add in at the last minute. We created two E-Design board options so she could see how each would unfold.

But first, the floor plan had to be done! She sent in her measurements and photos, and we created a custom floor plan with all the items we knew she needed in the space. This is such an important part of the process since it allows us to see the size of products that will fit, make sure things are in a safe locations, and give customers a visual so they understand how things will work.

Nursery Floor Plan by Little Crown Interiors

After the nursery floor plan is approved, we move on to the fun part—designing the space! We searched for the best options based upon her questionnaire answers, budget and inspiration photos, and put together the two nursery E-Designs. The first option below would be for a boy. The main furniture items and some other decor would remain the same either way.

Gender Neutral Nursery E-Design by Little Crown Interiors

Gender Neutral Nursery Sources: Crib | Changing Table | Rug | Glider | Side Table | Curtains | White/Blue Basket | Blue Quilt | Gold Mobile | Small Lamp | Sheep Plush

Boy Nursery Sources: Green Tree Wall Mural | Leather Pillow

Here’s the second option, for a girl. We switched out some of the blue nursery decor for pieces in blush, a color she loved, and everything else would remain the same. We chose a wallpaper design that came in multiple colors, so the overall concept wouldn’t change too much.

Gender Neutral Nursery E-Design by Little Crown Interiors

Girl Nursery Sources: Pink Tree Wall Mural

We absolutely love how this design came out! Gender neutral nurseries are more and more popular these days, and designing for a surprise is a lot of fun.

Want your own nursery or kid’s room E-Design? Check out our nursery design services page!


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