I’ve been a nursery designer for over 10 years now, and I always aspire to find nursery furniture for my clients that is not only beautiful, but also has great function, quality, and provides a good value. That means I do a heck of a lot of research and shopping so I can keep up on which brands are safe, which brands to avoid, and which brands have released the newest and trendiest designs. Every now and then, I’ll come across a piece that is truly strange and I think, “Who would ever buy such a thing?” Of course there are people who buy such things, and I hope one day I will get to design a nursery for one of them.

Most of my clients choose to go with “normal” nursery furniture, but I have definitely had a few who went for something a little more out of the box, like the all acrylic Vetro Crib (still one of my all-time favorites).

Here are some seriously unique crib designs that I just can’t look away from, and secretly hope that I get to use in a nursery design some day!

Shell Crib by Luke Miller Studio | Little Crown Interiors Blog

I came across the Shell Crib by Luke Miller Studio while I was browsing on 1stDibs, a high end antique and vintage retailer. I immediately stopped and stared at it with surprise for two reasons: 1. The design really is beautiful, despite its strangeness. 2. The unbelievable $18,000 price tag. Being in the interior design field, I am certainly no stranger to luxury and high priced items, but this is by far the most expensive crib I have ever seen.

Gradient Crib by Nursery Works | Little Crown Interiors Blog

I first saw the Gradient Crib by Nursery Works when it was debuted at an industry trade show. Since the nursery furniture niche is so small, oftentimes I will see similar designs popping up within various brands, and it’s clear that everyone is taking influence from each other. But not Nursery Works. They have always been a design pioneer, taking risks with edgy and unique crib designs that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Wood Cot by Oliver Furniture | Little Crown Interiors Blog

I typically stay away from nursery furniture brands from outside the U.S. because of issues with safety standards (especially with cribs). That said, I still like to look at the great designs coming out of Australia, Europe and even Dubai. The Wood Cot by Oliver Furniture is made in Denmark, and has that fun Scandinavian look that’s so popular these days.

Domani Cotbed by Tomas & Jani | Little Crown Interiors Blog

There’s something to be said about an entirely custom crib. The designers behind the Domani Cotbed by Tomas & Jani wanted it to have a boat-like feel, but also wanted to it to have storage underneath, and be able to convert to a toddler bed, and then to a small sofa.

What do you think? Would you ever put a crib like this in your nursery?

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