Holiday shopping is going to be weird this year. The way things are going, it may end up being almost exclusively online. And you know what that means—even more longer lead times and shipping delays! Most companies are of course aware of this and have been working crazy hours to make sure they have as much stock as possible. We’re still not even at Thanksgiving yet, but it’s a good idea to order early if you can! I’ve created a gift guide with some of my favorite items for babies and kids to help you along (you’re welcome!). No matter a child’s age or the gender, there is surely a gift or two that the little one in your life will love!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Kids

  1. Rattan Shopper: Playing with groceries is a go-to for most toddlers because they watch their parents do it all the time. Can you imagine a real-life grocery store with shopping carts that pretty?? I would go all the time!
  2. Macrame All In One Toy: I love Finn+Emma for their 100% organic clothing and toys. This macrame toy can be clipped to a stroller or purse but also works as part of their play gym line.
  3. Evergreen Pajama Set: Now that most of the human race lives in pajamas, it only seems fitting that we should have nice ones, kids included!
  4. Boxfox Gift Box: If you haven’t heard of Boxfox, you should definitely check them out! They create themed boxes from your favorite vendors to highlight some of their best finds. This one from Anthropologie is perfect for a new family, or if you just don’t know what to get for someone (this is me all the time).
  5. Chelsea Play Kitchen: Play kitchens have come a long way from the hard plastic setups that I remember. This style is a favorite among my clients and is pretty enough to be incorporated into your living room without being an eyesore.
  6. Doll and Play Mat Bundle: Bla Bla dolls are practically an institution. They were popular when I started doing nurseries years ago, and they are still popular now. I love how this sweet friend comes with a playmat. The bundle makes for a great gift.
  7. See Ya Suitcase: Like the shopping cart, this is a gift that helps your little one to feel included and involved. Whether used for travels (someday, hopefully) or for storing their favorite toys, this piece is really cute and comes in different colors.
  8. Bow and Arrow Toy Set: Play toys are a must for the holidays, and I fell in love with the gorgeous design of this set. The target looks like a piece of art, and the pom arrows are adorable! It’s also super safe with those pom poms, so no accidental injuries 😉
  9. Macaron Chalk: These precious macaron chalk pieces make for the perfect stocking stuffer! Plus, for each set sold, $2 is donated to No Kid Hungry.
  10. Cotton Teepee: I always wanted a teepee as a kid! Teepees are always super popular in nurseries and in kid’s spaces. This line comes in a bunch of different colors too. The handmade construction ensures that they are high quality and will hold up to all of the use they will get!
  11. Banwood Push Bike: Banwood bikes are everywhere these days. They have push bikes, balance bikes, training bikes and more. My childhood bike was bright purple and covered with puffy paint, so this one is a definite improvement.
  12. Mammouth Pull Along: What can I say? This mammouth pull along is simply adorable. The soft furry body gives him so much character! Pull alongs are a great tool to help with walking and balance. So in case this guy wasn’t cute enough on his own, he makes for a practical gift as well!

Happy shopping and stay safe!

*This post may contain affiliate links, but don’t worry, I only link items that I 100% recommend!*

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