This week’s nursery E-Design reveal is a super soft and neutral nursery with some subtle safari accents. This client wanted a nursery design that was a little traditional, but that didn’t go overboard with traditional decor. She also wanted wallpaper around the whole room and lots of white to brighten up the space.

Neutral Nursery E-Design with Safari Details

Neutral Pattern Wallpaper | White Wood Crib | Wide White Dresser | Wood Arch Bookcase | Neutral Tufted Glider | White Storage Ottoman | Wood Side Table | Wood Table Lamp | Neutral Floor Lamp | Round Wood Mirror | Neutral Storage Bin | Wood Wall Hooks | Textured Neutral Rug | Large Stuffed Giraffe | Neutral Throw Pillow | Neutral Throw Blanket | Wood Toy Ice Cream | Small Storage Bins | Faux Plant | Stuffed Bunny | Small Faux PlantSilicone Changing Pad

We started with the floor plan, which you can see on the right below. This room was long and narrow with a niche area by the window. The window area served as the perfect spot for a glider nook, and we included an accent rug to help fill out that space. The crib and dresser are centered on each other, and there was plenty of room for some additional decor like the bookcase, storage bins and wall hooks.

Neutral Nursery E-Design and Floor Plan

The design started with the wallpaper. We choose a pattern that was very transitional in a neutral color that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. It’s hard to tell in the image above, but it has a really pretty woven-look texture with a few different neutral colors in it. To contrast the wallpaper, we chose a white crib with a traditional look and balanced that with a more modern white dresser.

To add a little warmth, we chose an arched bookcase in a light wood for a natural touch. We then brought that same natural touch in with the dresser lamp, storage ottoman base, wall hooks and wall mirror. It’s all about balance!

Since this nursery is primarily neutral, we also made sure to include multiple textures and tones. The drapery, glider, rug, ottoman, chandelier and textiles are all a little different with varying textures. This helps to give the nursery a layered look with some depth. And of course, as we try to do with any neutral nursery, we added greenery! Adding plants to the space really helps it feel warm and inviting.

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