Often times when I speak with a new client, there is one special piece that they want to have incorporated into their design. Sometimes this is an inspiration item such as a statement glider, while other times it’s an element of sentimental value passed through the family. Regardless of how bold or unique the piece may be, designing a nursery around a single item is challenging!

For this specific nursery design, I have built an entire look around a statement side table. I was inspired by the colors in this table as well as the Scandinavian style! I used the pink and medium wood tone as the base for the overall color scheme and added in accents of orange for a fun pop. For unity, I chose nursery furniture that reflects the minimal lines of the Scandinavian style. Artwork and decor play to the natural essence of this design aesthetic.

Pink and Orange Scandinavian Inspired Nursery

Crib | Dresser | Side Table | Mirror | Table Lamp | Floral Artwork | Crib Skirt | Blanket | Wall Hanger | Mobile | Dollhouse | Rainbow Pillow | Embroidered Lumbar Pillow

Creating a full design around a single piece can be tricky. Here are a few guidelines I follow when working with an existing element, which I sometimes call the “seed” item.

1. Choose an item that reflects your style. The piece that you choose will act as the “seed” for your overall design. Whether it be a bold color, a statement pattern, or a specific style of furniture, be sure that your final vision for the space is represented in this item.

2. Use the item as inspiration but not the basis of the design. Don’t worry about pulling every aspect of the item into the design of your nursery. Perhaps choose one of the colors of the piece or match the finish with the other furniture. Just know that every color, pattern, and detail of the item do not need to be incorporated.

3. Be inspired without using the actual piece. Often, clients will encounter an item that they love but can’t use within their own space, whether this be for budget or space planning reasons. Sometimes the item you are inspired by is a piece of clothing, textile pattern or magazine photo—something that you can’t just put in the nursery. I always recommend to use this item as inspiration just as you would if it was being used in the space. Draw from the colors, style and details to recreate the look that you were originally drawn to.

4. Dictate the impact of the item. Sometimes clients have a piece that is inherited (or gifted) that they do not want to be the focus of the design but that must be used in the room. When this is the case, I try to pull one aspect of the item that the client does like (this can be a curved arm of a glider, the brass hardware of a dresser pull, or the touch of blue in an art print.) Use whatever detail you can to tie into your vision!

What item have you used as the basis for a nursery design?


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