The whole interior design industry is talking about AI design—a lot of designers are experimenting with what it can do (and what it can’t). So far, we’re able to create stunning nursery inspiration images…but the caveat is that they aren’t real. The products that AI uses when designing are completely made up, so you can’t find them anywhere.

Floral French Nostalgia Nursery Design

The Parisian style nursery above was something we designed with AI, so none of those items are real things you can purchase. While that’s a bummer, it also created a fun challenge for us! So we decided to take some of our favorite AI designed nurseries and turn them into real life designs you can actually shop!

Below is the design we came up with. We pulled as many products as we could that were close in style to the original AI design. And I have to say, I think we got pretty close. We started with the floral wallpaper since that’s a big part of the design. Then we chose a white crib and dresser with a similar feel to the ones in the AI image.

Parisian Floral Nursery E-Design

Floral WallpaperWhite Traditional Crib | White Dresser | Velvet Swivel ChairFloral Upholstered Ottoman | White Side TableGold Mirror | Gallery Art | Rose Table LampWhite Chandelier | Neutral Botanical RugSheer Curtains | Floral Fringe Swaddle Blanket | Floral Changing Pad Cover | Faux Flowers

As you can see, we pulled a lot of items that weren’t even shown in the original AI designed image, such as the dresser, glider, mirror and artwork. But since we’re creating a whole nursery design, we wanted to pull every item that you’d need to fill out the whole design concept. How do you think it turned out?

AI for interior designers is a rapidly expanding subject, and we’re having a lot of fun with it at the moment. It’s a great inspirational tool so long as you’re aware that it doesn’t create anything “real”, at least not yet!

We’re excited to see what comes of AI in the interior design industry, and are enjoying experimenting with it for now. Stay tuned for more AI inspiration that we’ll be turning into real designs!


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