The increasing popularity of bold patterns and colors in nursery design has led to more and more brands making products with these fun patterns. Enter the crib sheet. In previous years, a solid or a simple stripe would do. Baby bedding as a whole is fairly simple compared to our grown-up version with layers of throw pillows, duvets, blankets and more. Also, crib bumpers are being used less and less, giving the crib sheet more focus. Though there are endless styles, colors, and themes of crib sheets on the market right now, I’ve been loving bohemian patterns lately. I love this style for a gender neutral space as the colors are often deep and muted and pair perfectly with neutral finishes and chunky textures.

Bohemian Crib Sheet

What I love about bohemian nursery decor is that it brings so much depth and texture. Even if you’re not a globe-trotter, you can add a few bohemian details to make your space feel more eclectic. The pale pink crib sheet above has such a soft and delicate stamped pattern in richer tones.

Mudcloth crib sheet

A great example of a deep and muted gender neutral crib sheet is this mudcloth muslin crib sheet. Far from the more traditional pastel colorways, this sheet paves the way for a bold bohemian design. This rusty ochre color could be paired with a deep teal or a soft blush pink. The faded print gives the fabric more of a vintage global feel.

One of my favorite companies for globally inspired pieces is St. Frank. They have recently released a crib sheet line, and it is stunning! Often, boho patterns mean bold and bright colorways, but I loved the more minimal take on an ikat found on this light star muong sheet.

The variety of colors on this bohemian floral crib sheet is the perfect starting point to inspire a full room design. There are no shortage of floral patterns on the market but this wildflower print is just a bit more unique—very reminiscent of the 1970’s inspired prints that are quickly regaining popularity.

The tie dye print on this indigo window crystal crib sheet is a favorite of mine (and it doesn’t hurt that indigo is my all-time favorite color). I love using more mature prints that aren’t super juvenile to help create a nursery design that will flow alongside the other spaces in the home. This print could just as easily be found on a sofa pillow or a bedroom throw!

When I think about boho, a cactus motif is one of the first themes that comes to mind. Cactus artwork, wallpaper and decor has gained so much popularity over the last few years, but this watercolor cactus crib sheet really stood out to me as not quite so stereotypical. The unexpected neutral color tones makes this style so much more practical!

The warm muted hues of this rainbow watercolor crib sheet make for a modern interpretation of the rainbow style. I love the palette of colors here—so soft and subtle. I could see this crib sheet tucked into a light wood crib for a bright bohemian feel, or even in a more Scandinavian inspired nursery.

Perhaps the style that most of us associate with bohemian textiles is mudcloth. The option of a monochromatic pattern is perfect for nursery designs that are playing to a more neutral color scheme. This white mudcloth crib sheet is high contrast and fun.

I’d love to hear about your favorite bohemian inspired lines! Feel free to share an item or two below!

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