Even though we specialize in nursery design, we design a lot of playrooms at Little Crown Interiors (we’re actually working on three at the moment!). Playrooms can be a whole different ballgame when it comes to design because they have totally different functionality and often need to be a shared space. You want it to be a place where your kids can be themselves and unleash their creativity, but also a place that adults can sit comfortably and enjoy a movie night.

Vibrant playful playroom design

Green Rug | Faux Palm Plant | Black Planter | Wooden Side Table | Modular Rose Sofa | White Oval Coffee Table | Green Velvet Pillow | Multicolor Pillow | Three Color Art | Round Rope Chandelier | Stuffed Bear | Play Arc Set | Leaf Mat (similar) | Pear Mat | Large Giraffe | Wooden Wall Shelves | Terracotta Shelf Decor | Sculpture Shelf Decor | Dark Media Cabinet | Scalloped Lamp  | Pom Pom Bin

We designed the nursery for this client a few months back, and she wanted her playroom designed as well. The nursery had a darker and more masculine feel, but she wanted the playroom to be more fresh and fun. We wanted to create a playful and inviting atmosphere with the color scheme. We used earthy colors like forest green and dusty rose to create a natural and organic feel, while pops of playful colors like bright yellow and electric green add a fun and energetic vibe to the room.

The home also had elements of Mid Century Modern design, so we definitely wanted to incorporate that as well. We used a velvet sofa in a rich, earthy rose color, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. The sofa is paired with a colorful abstract artwork that brings a playful and vibrant feel to the space. The combination of mid-century modern furniture and playful artwork creates a perfect balance between fun and sophisticated style.

Since this is a playroom after all, we added some larger activity toys like the play arches set and the large stuffed giraffe. These are great because they are light weight, modular, and can be moved around fairly easily. There is also a little colorful play mat for tummy time (the client has an older child and a newborn), and a storage bin for smaller toys.

This room is like an open loft space that you can see from the staircase and hallway, and all the bedrooms open up to it. So we wanted to make sure it was a showstopper and that it still remained sophisticated. The adult furniture is modern and fun, and we kept the window treatments neutral so they still flow with the home.

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