Every designer has had that project where they know they are designing for their client, but also secretly want everything for themselves. This was the case for this little girl’s room that I created for my client in Newport Beach, CA. My client’s daughter was a super sweet nine-year old girl who wanted a space that was nature-inspired and soft with touches of lavender.

Lavender Girl
Bed (Similar) | Wall Mural | Chandelier | Sheer Curtains

The obvious centerpiece of this design is that amazing lavender forest wall mural. In person, the mural is so much more dimensional and has a hand-drawn feel to it. If you look closely, you can see all the detailing in the wallpaper design. There’s actually a lot of blues, greens and pinks in there as well, so the pattern isn’t overwhelmingly purple.

Lavender Girl
Bed (Similar) | Bed Canopy | Nightstands

The other statement piece in this room is the fully custom made tree bookcase. We started with an inspiration photo, and then searched for just the right tree trunk to use (yes, it’s real!). It was important to find a tree that had lots of natural knots and inconsistencies to really bring that natural look to the space. We didn’t use any stain or paint as to really let the natural textures shine through.

Lavender Girl

The overall design of this room is definitely eclectic, so I looked for pieces in a variety of colors and finishes for a mismatched natural look. The bed is a dark wrought iron, the nightstands are two-tone wood, and the tree shelf is unfinished, but they all balance each other to create a cohesive look.

On the other side of the room, my client wanted a space where her daughter could do homework, play and display her art and poetry. I created a little nook for her with a table and some beautiful pinboards where she can pin up her latest achievements. I even picked out little gold arrow push pins for her!

Lavender GirlDresser | Table | Chairs | Pinboards | Dried Lavender Hanging

There are lots of little details throughout the room, like these pretty brass wall hooks for her to hang little collected items and necklaces. I love the raw look of these, and how they coordinate with the other gold decor in the room without feeling too matchy-matchy.

Lavender Girl
Brass Wall Hooks

There’s a little entryway into this room, where we placed a woven wall hanging and a floor length mirror. I love the color variation in this hanging (unfortunately it’s not available for sale anymore). I used another brass wall hook here with a different design to add contrast.

Lavender Girl

In addition to lavender, we used gold as an accent color throughout the space. This gold lamp really plays up both the gold and the nature element quite nicely. I just love how this room turned out!

Lavender Girl
Gold Branch Lamp

You can see all the detailing of the wallpaper in this photo above. It has black in it too, which helps to bring in the other black pieces we had in the space. It’s all about balance!

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