We’ve got another nursery E-Design reveal today, and this one was quite the challenge! The client was using a very large room as a shared space—there needed to be a full nursery and a guest room all in one area. Luckily, the way that the room was laid out, we were able to put the nursery in one area and the guest room in another so there was some separation (see the floor plan below).

Shared Nursery E-Design Floor Plan

As you can see in the nursery floor plan above, this room was BIG. So we definitely had the space to create the individual spaces. There was even a long hallway entering into the room where we were able to put two storage benches.

For the nursery, she wanted something with white and blush pink that felt modern but soft at the same time. We used white nursery furniture to keep things light, a neutral glider, and a nice big neutral rug to fill out the large space. The ceilings were also very high, so we chose a gorgeous blush abstract wallpaper to highlight the space. It’s just going on the wall behind the crib so as not to overwhelm the whole room.

Soft Pink Neutral Nursery

· Nursery Details ·

Wallpaper | Crib | Dresser | Glider | Ottoman | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Rug | Faux Sheepskin Rug (similar) | King Bed | Nightstand | Gold Mirror | Dresser Lamp | Abstract Art | Media Cabinet | Table Lamp Base | Table Lamp Shade | Faux Olive Tree | White Planter | Round Velvet Pillow | Soft Pink Throw Pillow | Small Potted Plant | Blush Throw Blanket | Pink Dot Crib Sheet | King Bedding


For the guest room side, we kept it chic and simple with a neutral bed, acrylic and gold side table and a fun little lamp. The acrylic and gold coordinates with the nursery (since we did an acrylic crib and gold accents on that side as well), so it feels cohesive. There’s also a media cabinet that can be viewed from the bed if needed, and some wall shelves next to it for display and storage.

To finish off the space, there are some little details in acrylic, gold and blush all around the space. And, of course, some plants!


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