We have another nursery reveal, although this nursery may look a little familiar. That’s because we technically already revealed it as our Earthy Gender Neutral Nursery E-Design a few months back. Since then, however, we’ve had the whole design rendered so we have new images that show even more of this gorgeous neutral nursery!

Earthy Gender Neutral Nursery with Wood Paneling

We started with the furniture in this nursery because the clients were anxious to get the larger nursery furniture on order. We knew we wanted something natural and warm, so we chose this stunning crib and dresser with a rounded accent. All the sources for this nursery are on the original post.

Earthy Gender Neutral Nursery with Wood Paneling

After we had the larger furniture nailed down, we decided to add some wall paneling. The homeowners loved the more traditional look that paneling adds, but weren’t sure how to go about it. So we custom designed the paneling with the contractor to fit exactly right. Then we chose a serene soft grayish green to keep the nursery neutral and soft with just a touch of drama.

Earthy Gender Neutral Nursery with Wood Paneling

Our client also love arches, so we found this very pretty bookcase with an arched top. The caning detail also adds to the natural vibe of the nursery. We used lots of natural textures in here, like the crib and dresser, bookcase, and chandelier.

Earthy Gender Neutral Nursery Design with Wood Paneling

We had a little extra space in this nursery, so we decided to add a storage bench under the larger window. We always love adding storage wherever possible, but the storage bench also gives the room another spot for an adult to sit if the glider is occupied.

The windows have double-layer protection—we custom designed shades and blackout drapery to complete the room and provide functionality. The rug brings all the colors together and has a dark enough pattern so it will hide stains. We just love how this neutral nursery came together!

If you’re interested in the sources we used in this nursery design, check out the original post here.

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