Every nursery needs a place for a parent to sit, relax and kick up their feet! The glider is one of the most important choices for a nursery design, but the ottoman can be just as important when it comes to comfort. Ottomans come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so there are plenty of options to choose from. A few things to keep in mind when shopping for a nursery ottoman:

Size: Some people prefer something that’s the same height as the glider, while others want something a little lower.

Shape: If you have a smaller nursery, a round ottoman or pouf can be better. Larger ottomans with corners are best suited for rooms with more space.

Material: You’re going to be resting your feet on this, or sitting on it, so it should be a material that’s not scratchy or uncomfortable.

Texture: If you’re pairing an ottoman with your glider, it’s always nice to go with a different texture for some visual interest. For example, if your glider is cotton canvas, choose an ottoman in velvet or leather.

Storage: If you’re tight on space, you can look for an ottoman that has storage inside!

Nursery ottoman roundup

1. Floral Patterned Storage Ottoman: Function and fun! Adding a fabulous floral pattern and a pop of color plus storage, this ottoman is ticking off all our boxes. We love a good statement piece that also gives the client more toy storage, which is always needed.

2. Mushroom Ottoman: This mushroom ottoman is a whimsical neutral piece that can be used as an ottoman or stool. The trendy boucle fabric gives it a textured look.

3. Classic Velvet Pouf: This pouf is lower to the ground, and super light-weight. It’s a great one for a low foot rest, and can be easily moved around. It’s great for kids as well since they can use it to play on.

4. Large Leather Pouf: This leather pouf is a great style staple! The pouf can continue to be used for years and years with its structured durability and neutral leather look. Leather or faux leather are an excellent addition in nurseries to add some texture (just make sure to check how it needs to be cleaned).

5. Arch ottoman: Another great option is this arch ottoman/bench combo. It adds great color to a nursery with its rich emerald color. You may have seen this ottoman featured in our recent colorful E-Design.

6. Braided Jute Pouf: We usually do not put jute rugs into rooms due to their scratchy nature, but this pouf is a great alternative to add a natural texture. This pouf is also large enough to use as another seating option in a nursery.

7. Round Stacked Storage Ottoman: We love Leanne Ford’s collaboration with Crate and Barrel, mainly because this ottoman came out of it! This one is another great boucle option with the exaggerated channels that neatly disguise the storage feature. The charcoal color is an excellent alternative to the ever-so-popular ivory boucle.

8. Sheepskin Ottoman: This Mongolian sheepskin ottoman is a fun way to bring some texture to a nursery. We love the wild touch!

9. Global Woven Pouf: This ottoman has a global flair with lots of warm and earthy colors. It’s lower to the ground at 14″, making it a great choice for a modern glider.

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