I know that many of my readers come to the blog to gather inspiration for their own nursery designs. One of my designs that’s been the most popular over the last year is the floral nursery I designed for Jessi Malay. I get so many questions and comments about it, and it seems like you all want to know how to get this style of nursery in your own home!


So, I decided to release a “Get the Look” series with some budget-friendly finds to recreate my most popular nursery designs, starting with this one. This Los Angeles floral nursery is still one of the ones I get the most questions about. There is something about the large-scale floral wallpaper that sets the perfect scene for layers of feminine glamour. The key to getting this look is to use a large floral pattern and the color scheme of the wallpaper as the basis for the design. Then reintroduce those colors in subtle pops throughout the space.


Get the Look Floral Nursery:

Floral Nursery Get The Look by Little Crown Interiors

Crib | Dresser | Glider | Rug | Floral Wallpaper | Ottoman | Side | Pink Table Lamp | Gold Butterly Wall Art | Bunny Wall Mount | Planter | Wall Planters | Mirror | Faux Sheepskin Rug (similar) | Throw Blanket | Faux Fur Pillow | Pink Heart Pillow | Marble Bookends | Llama Planter

Above is the “Get the Look” version. By switching out just the main furniture pieces, wallpaper and rug, the total cost of this nursery is almost cut in half! Some of the smaller accessories are the same since they were an affordable price already. I chose a different floral wall mural that still has the same large-scale look and color scheme, and also switched out the white crib and dresser for more affordable alternatives. The rug was tricky since it was really such a stand-out piece, but I found another design that works well.


Original Floral Nursery:

Floral Nursery Get The Look by Little Crown Interiors

Floral Wallpaper | Crib | Dresser | Glider | Ottoman | Mirror | Draperies | Rug | Gold Birds | Pink Heart Pillow | Pink Lamp | Faux Sheepskin Rug (similar) | Side Table | Love Pillow | Floral Pillow | Wall Planters

Above is the original nursery design board I made for this client. You can see that it’s pretty similar to the Get the Look version, but with some minor changes.

I kept the foundation of the original nursery neutral and relied more on metallic touches than color to accent. Use these metallics to really go glam as this is what helps to add femininity to the design. Great items for incorporating glam touches are lighting, side tables, and decor! On the contrary, keeping the furniture white brings unity and helps to keep the aesthetic consistent and modern. This also allows for the addition of a more statement touch such as the open-shelf gold etagere.

I recommend keeping patterns at a minimum to allow the wallpaper to really steal the show. Instead, go for subtle patterns that act more like textures (such as the minimal chevron of the rug) to keep interest without overpowering. Lastly, always choose textiles that are soft to the touch—an essential choice for a nursery! Velvets, sheepskins, and cottons are always great options.

Let me know what look you’d like to see next! You can check out my portfolio for all my recent projects.


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