The excitement of a new baby often brings a decrease in time and energy for self care and mental health. The addition of a new family member can bring stress, nerves, and anxiety (not to mention lack of sleep). Be sure to prioritize yourself as much as you can during this time. The nursery should be your sanctuary just as much as it is your baby’s. Design a space that will promote your calm and tranquility, and you will see that you are much more equipped to handle the challenges of parenthood! Use this list below to help guide you on your way to a serene and mindful nursery!

1. Start With the Walls: Creating a serene nursery aesthetic starts with the walls. I would suggest selecting a light and calming paint color. If you wish to add wallpaper or an accent wall, choose a pattern that is muted or minimal. The organic pattern on this Priano Wallpaper adds just the right amount of color and pattern!

2. Join a Community: I am pretty obsessed with using apps these days to help with productivity, organization and inspiration. The Mindful Mama’s App is my current favorite to recommend! I love it because it’s specifically designed for new or expectant parents all the way up to parents of teenagers. It’s full of beautiful meditations in tons of lengths and styles, and you can even record your own. It’s also a stunningly beautiful app with soft and serene colors and sounds.

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Creating a clutter free environment will help to give you a clutter free mindset when tackling the many roles of being a new parent. These woven baskets are a favorite of mine for storing loose ends. They come in lots of colors and styles that are subtle and soft, and also give you a spot to toss toys and books laying around for quick cleanup.

4. It’s All in the Lighting: For a relaxing atmosphere, it’s important to include muted accent lighting that can be used alone when needed. The Holden Table Lamp is a perfect choice since it’s small and provides just enough light when you need to sneak into the nursery at night, but don’t want to turn on the overhead or brighter lights.

5. Artwork to Inspire: Artwork helps to dictate the energy of any space, and it’s one of the most personal design choices you can make in your nursery. Keep the subject matter sweet and calming. Soft abstracts, nature inspired prints, and animal photography work really well here. Two of my current favorites are A New Path and The Rising from Minted!

6. Make Time to Journal: Nothing is more fulfilling than transferring your thoughts onto paper—I’m talking with an actual pen and paper. No computers or phones here! This scrapbook style baby book will prompt you through ideas and topics to cover. This is the perfect activity for when baby is napping and is a keepsake you will cherish for years to come!

7. Choose a Chunky Throw: What is cozier than a warm and snuggly blanket? This is an absolute must for parents to use when rocking or napping in the glider. This Cable Knit Throw is machine washable and comes in a variety of subtle colors.

8. Invest in a Sound Machine: Sound machines can be a lifesaver when trying to create a calming environment to help baby sleep in. The Hatch Sound Machine is one of the best. It features a sleek and minimal silhouette that you wont mind displaying in your nursery, and it also doubles as a clock and nightlight.

9. Add Plant Life: Greenery is key to adding life to a space. I try to include plants in every space that I design, even if they are faux. Bringing the outdoors in is an integral part of creating a calming environment. Check out The Sill for a great selection of indoor plants in customizable pots sent straight to your door. If you don’t have a green thumb, like myself, you can always do faux, although real plants really do stand out.

10. Strike a Pose: Practicing yoga is such a great exercise that can be done just about anywhere, including in the nursery. Keep a yoga mat nearby so that you can easily run through some exercises or stretches while baby naps. The Yoga Design Lab Mat offers superior grip and plenty of cushion to support your practice, and has the prettiest pattern!

11. Invest in your Glider: If you read my recent post on nursery rockers, you already know the importance of a quality rocker or glider. This is one location where you will spend a huge amount of time as a new parent! Be sure to invest in the comfort and functionality of this piece. The Flynn Swivel Recliner is such a great choice for its adjustability, reclining, swivel, and gliding options!



*This post may contain affiliate links, but don’t worry, I only link items that I 100% recommend!*

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