One of the nursery trends we’ve been absolutely loving this year is the addition of sage and deeper greens paired with neutral colors. So many clients have been asking for this color combo for their nursery design! Green is one of the most underrated colors—traditionally, light greens were used in nursery design, like mint green or pale pastel green. While we love those shades too, the richer greens have so much more depth and interest! Below is our most recent Virtual Nursery E-Design for a client who wanted this gorgeous color scheme.

Neutral & Sage Safari Nursery

Two-toned Crib | White Dresser | Green Velvet Glider | White Boucle Ottoman | Neutral Abstract Rug | Natural Wood Side Table | Faux Sheep Skin RugWhite Boucle Storage Bench | Round Mirror | Book Wall Ledges | Neutral Checkered Throw Pillow | Wood Floor Lamp | Faux Olive Tree | Baby Animal Art Prints | Small Green Table Lamp | Neutral Storage Bin | Small Faux Green Plant | Large Stuffed Giraffe | White Bookcase | Shelf Storage Bin | Small Faux Plant

Neutral & Sage Safari Nursery Virtual Design

We always start our Virtual Nursery Designs with the floor plan. As you can see above, this nursery had quite a large floor plan with a window niche. We were able to create a seating area with the glider, side table, ottoman and a floor lamp with an accent rug to help fill the floor space. We were also able to fit quite a bit of extra storage in this nursery with a bookcase, toy chest and wall shelving, in addition to the walk-in closet.

Neutral & Sage Safari Nursery Virtual Design Shopping List

After we figured out the nursery floor plan, we started choosing items. We started with the two-toned crib because we didn’t want the space to feel overly “white”. That little bit of wood tone gives the whole nursery some warmth and texture, while also allowing us to bring in some wood tone accents in other areas.

The biggest challenge was finding a rug that was large enough, in our client’s price range, and had enough pattern to hide stains. With an open floor area this large, stains are likely to happen! We finally found the right piece, and then chose lots of other decor to coordinate.

Our favorite piece in this nursery is the dark green glider—it’s such a lovely color in person too! This also helped bring the green accent onto that side of the nursery, creating balance.

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