I’ve heard the same statement from almost every nursery design client I’ve worked with. “I want to make sure that the nursery isn’t too babyish.” Something has changed over the last several years in regards to the nursery—women are feeling more empowered to design their nurseries as a sanctuary for themselves, and I think that’s a wonderful thing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the nursery to feel good to you, and if you’re not into overtly juvenile decor, then there’s no reason you need to have it.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

Another challenge outside of the nursery is that after you have children, they pretty much take over the house. Their things are not confined to the nursery, and they’ll be all over every room. But there are some easy ways to choose the right items so you can maintain your personal style without feeling like your house has been taken over. I’ve put together some of my favorite baby items that have real design appeal for adults too.

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