Top 10 Nursery Essentials

Read on for all our nursery must-haves!


A Quality Crib

This may seem like a no-brainer, but all cribs are NOT created equal. It’s important to get a good crib that’s safe and will last. You may want to re-use the crib for future children, or convert it to a toddler bed. Either way, it needs to hold up well, be free of toxic chemicals (because your child may chew on it), and of course be stylish as well!



Nestig Wave Crib Convertible
Crate & Kids Tatum Crib Walnut
Babyletto Harlow Acrylic Crib in White
Restoration Hardware Belle Upholstered Crib
Babyletto Yuzu Convertible Crib
Namesake Eloise Cane Crib
Namesake Marin Cane Crib


A Cozy Glider

Gliders and rockers come in a lot of shapes, sizes and styles. The key is to find a glider that’s comfortable for you. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if it’s not comfortable for you to sit in at 2am, rocking or feeding or falling asleep in the nursery. As a designer, of course I think style is important as well, but in this case, comfort wins. You’ll also want a glider that’s made of a durable fabric that can be easily cleaned.



Monte Design Como Glider Gray
Namesake Crewe Glider Green Velvet
Pottery Barn Kids Paxton Glider
Crate & Kids Milo Glider Gray
Babyletto Sigi Glider Ivory
Babyletto Cali Glider


Blackout Curtains

Window treatments are one detail of the nursery that is often overlooked. They are typically the last item to be selected, oftentimes because they push the project over budget or seem frivolous. In actuality, curtains are one of the most important design choices that you can make for your baby’s nursery. 

For info and tips on choosing and installing blackout curtains, see our Ultimate Guide to Blackout Curtains.



Green Velvet Blackout Curtains
Dark Orange Blackout Curtains
White Nursery Blackout Curtains


Open Storage

Storage is always a challenge in any nursery, but I always like to suggest an open storage piece in addition to the closet, bookcase or shelving. Open storage gives you an easy spot to quickly throw things like blankets, stuffed animals and toys without having to take the time to organize them. This can come in very handy!



Nursery Toy Storage Bin
Nursery Toy Storage Bin
Nursery Rattan Storage Basket with Lid
Nursery Woven Storage Hamper with Lid
Nursery Woven Storage Hamper
Nursery Seagrass Storage Basket
Nursery Elephant Rattan Basket Storage


Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are such a simple thing to add to a nursery, and oftentimes get overlooked. It’s always handy to have a spot near the door where you can quickly hang something, especially if you don’t have a lot of surface space. They can also be used as a design element to pull the space together! I usually recommend getting 2 or 3 and hanging them in a small cluster together.



Modern Nursery Wall Hooks
Animal Nursery Wall Hooks
Wood Rattan Nursery Wall Hooks
Cloud Nursery Wall Hooks


A Small Lamp

Even if you have blackout curtains, it’s a good idea to have a small light in the nursery. Sometimes you’ll need to come into the nursery in the middle of the night, and won’t want to turn on a bright light. Having a small lamp on the dresser or changing table can be super helpful!

Pink Traditional Nursery Small Lamp



Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery
Small Table Lamp for Nursery


A Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

If there’s one thing that I recommend going organic for in the nursery, it’s the crib mattress. Your baby will spend many hours with their face very close to the mattress, and many commercial mattresses are made with vinyl, polyester and other materials that give off VOC’s.

Newton Baby Waterproof Crib Mattress



Organic Non-Toxic Crib Mattress
Organic Non-Toxic Crib Mattress
Organic Non-Toxic Crib Mattress


A Side Table

A nursery side table may seem like more of a decorative piece, but they function so well. Having a little spot to place a glass of water, your phone, or a book comes in very handy. Round side tables are usually best for a nursery since they don’t have any shape edges, and finding one with a shelf or storage is a bonus!

Nursery Rattan Side Table



Round Nursery Side Table
Round Rattan Nursery Side Table
Round Nursery Side Table
Round Nursery Side Table with Storage
Wood Nursery Side Table with Storage
White Round Nursery Side Table with Storage
Round Nursery Side Table
Round Nursery Side Table with Shelf
Light Wood Nursery Side Table


Wall Shelves

Every nursery design needs wall shelves! Wall ledges or wall shelves won’t give you a ton of storage, but most small nurseries don’t have space for a large bookcase. Wall shelves will give you just enough extra storage to display some keepsakes or books while double-functioning as room decor.

Nursery Book Ledges



White & Gold Nursery Wall Shelf
Acrylic Nursery Wall Ledges
Cloud Nursery Wall Shelves
Wood Nursery Wall Ledges
Black Nursery Wall Ledges
Gold Nursery Wall Ledges
Nursery Wall Shelf Neutral
White Nursery Wall Ledges
Acrylic & Gold Nursery Wall Shelf


A Bassinet

A bassinet isn’t a typical “nursery” item, but it’s something that is used so often in other rooms and oftentimes coordinated with the nursery. Whenever we design a nursery, we always ask about the bassinet because it’s often used before the nursery. Look for a bassinet that’s safe and well rated, and bonus points for one on wheels!

Nursery Bassinet



SNOO Bassinet
HALO Mesh Bassinet
4moms mamaRoo Bassinet
Babyletto Origami Mini Crib Bassinet
Traditional Nursery Bassinet
Baby Bjorn Mesh Bassinet
Bloom Baby Alma Mini Crib Bassinet

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