It’s been an insanely busy year for E-Designs, and I’m slowly getting them all up on the blog. This nursery below was a really fun one to work on because it has elements of so many different things. It’s a little modern, a little bohemian, gender neutral, and has pops of black and gold. So many great nursery design trends all in one!

E-Design Gender Neutral Nursery Black Crib | Dresser | Glider | Ottoman | Side Table | Rug | Bookcase | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Mirror | Wall Planters | Custom Wall Name | Wall Shelves | Rainbow Art | Blackout Curtains | Curtain Hardware | Crib Sheets | Decorative Basket | Storage Bins | Lamb Toy

The walls in this nursery were a creamy off-white, and my client wanted to keep that wall color. She asked for a black crib, but also wanted to keep the room soft with some bohemian accents. This is one of my favorite ways to use black—to balance it with more subtle elements and a relaxed feel.

Since the crib and dresser were on opposite walls of her floor plan, I chose a black dresser as well to balance the black in the room. We then softened the look by using gray for the glider and the blackout curtains. Then to really amp up the bohemian and relaxed vibe, I chose a soft off-white shag rug, leather ottoman and woven basket for her floor plant.

To give the room a really customized feel, I chose a fully personalized wall name art piece with the baby’s name and birthdate. This is probably my favorite element of the room! I selected the frame in a warm brown to help balance the ottoman and the warm wood wall mirror over the dresser. It’s all about balance in a nursery!

There are other little accents of all of those colors throughout the room to pull everything together, including a little lamb stuffed animal. And yes, stuffed animals can absolutely be part of the design! I actually wrote a whole post about that if you’re so inclined.


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