We have been busy as always at LCI and we are excited to open up more spots for Nursery E-Design very soon! This week though, we are pausing our design reveals to share a few favorite products ahead of Mother’s Day. We always love to find a few female-owned companies or small businesses to highlight for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. These products are handpicked and each is something special that has caught our eye. Take a look for some great Mother’s Day gift inspiration for your own mom or anyone else on your list!

LCI Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

1. Sisal Checkered Tote: A sisal tote is so versatile—it’s the perfect bag for a trip to the beach, farmer’s market or a picnic at the park with your toddler. It doesn’t hurt that it will look super cute on a hook in your home too.

2. Small Gold Bracelet: This delicate gold bracelet can be customized with either a small design or initial. It’s a super sweet sentiment and it would be adorable to get matching ones for you and your mom.

3. Silk Pillow Case: This pillowcase is 100% Mulberry silk and offers lots of benefits for both skin and hair! The season of motherhood doesn’t always come with a lot of sleep, so let’s make the shuteye we actually get higher quality. It comes in tons of cute colors too.

4. Liquid Bronzer: You might recognize this brand from last year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Salty Face has a new liquid bronzer and we love this quick way to glowy skin. It’s perfect for summer and mothers and women of all ages!

5. 7 Summers Scent: We absolutely love how the market of clean products have grown. This Eau de Toilette is EGW certified for a clean way to add a subtle scent.

6. Ceramic Bubble Tumbler: These checkered ceramic cups are completely adorable! We love the subtle lavender hue on these and that they totally double as decor.

7. Smokey Glass Vase: With a stunning vase like this, all you really need is a few stems to make a huge impact. This smokey glass is so pretty and the clear or green versions are just as good!

8. Striped Cotton Robe: It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a robe. A robe and a quiet moment can get any morning off to a good start. This navy stripe robe is so cute and made with OEKO TEX fabric. It’s also great for nursing for those new moms.

9. Olive Tree: A live olive tree is a fun spin on flowers for Mother’s Day! While there are several planter styles and colors available, this subtle fluted one is cool, and if you follow us, you know how we at LCI feel about sage green.

10. Honey Rattan Tray: Elevate your breakfast in bed setup with this pretty rattan tray. We also love to use trays to keep a dresser organized or with some decorative books on the coffee table.

We wish you and your loved ones a lovely Mother’s Day!


*This post may contain affiliate links, but don’t worry, we only link items that we love! You can view our Disclaimer here.

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