It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have the photos of this little boy’s room to share! This was a very special project because we have worked with this family for years. She initially hired us to design their son’s room, which turned out to be a very fun black and white nursery design. Then when they moved into their new home, we repurposed the black and white design for the new baby, and gave their older son a brand new room!

Blue BoySubtle Blue Wallpaper | Upholstered Linen Daybed | Whitewashed Night StandGrey Shag Rug | Black White Bolster Pillow | Light Green Bedding | Colorful Car Art Print | Green Car Art Print | Blue Car Art Print | Hermes Gray Throw Pillow | Sage Green Night Stand Lamp

In their new home, they wanted the whole space to be mostly neutrals and blues and a serene vibe. We carried this over into the boy’s room, but made sure to give him a little extra visual interest and playfulness. We chose a fantastic patterned blue wallpaper that looks seriously amazing in person! It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the space, but fun enough that it’s noticeable and adds a lot of visual interest.

This room was on the small side and a little awkwardly shaped, so we didn’t have a lot of space for a bed. We opted for a daybed so it could sit flat against the wall and give him plenty of floor space to play. They gray color will stand up to stains and also remain versatile for the future. To give the room a little more color, we went with a soft sage green for the bedding, and accented it with a touch of black since that’s the main metallic in the home.

Blue & Gray BoySubtle Blue Wallpaper | Whitewashed Night StandGrey Shag Rug | Sage Green Night Stand Lamp

Because the space was small, we didn’t want to overwhelm it with heavy furniture. The nightstand and dresser are both a very soft whitewash which adds texture but doesn’t feel dark or heavy. The pieces are also modern and mature enough that they will last for many years as he gets older.

Blue & Gray BoySubtle Blue Wallpaper | White Wall Ledge | Hermes Gray Throw Pillow

If there’s one thing this kid loves, it’s books (and dinosaurs, and cars). The family had a huge collection of books and they wanted to make sure there were some on display in his room. We made sure to hang at least some of the shelves low enough that he can reach them himself.

BoySubtle Blue Wallpaper | Whitewashed Dresser | Black Round Mirror

To balance the black in the room, we added a fun black mirror over the dresser that has a bit of a racer influence. It also helps to open up the small room and bounce the light around. There is also a black ceiling fixture, but it’s not shown in the photos.

Blue, Light Gray & Sage BoySubtle Blue Wallpaper | Upholstered Linen Daybed | Sage Bamboo Bedding

We added some neutral storage bins for more toys, a fun standing giraffe and some skateboard inspired artwork to finish off the space. We just love how this room came out and the whole family can enjoy it for years to come!

Design by Little Crown Interiors, photography by Natalie Michelle.


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