Nurseries can be incredibly fun to dream up and design, but one thing that doesn’t always get a lot of attention is the changing table. It’s an area of your nursery that you will use several times a day, so it’s definitely worth giving that space thought and effort. We love starting with a dresser that fits the space—It gives you extra storage and you can add a topper, changing tray or basket with a pad to make it a changing station. This gives you a versatile piece since it can transition back to “just” a dresser as your child grows. Here are some of our favorites items and accessories that you can use to make your changing table more efficient!

Changing Table Organization Roundup

1. Small Table Lamp: A small table lamp can be great addition if you have the space on your dresser. This terrazzo lamp is versatile and super cute. We love adding small lighting like this so you can easily turn it on without waking up the baby. You can see more of our favorites in our small table lamps post.

2. Diaper Caddy: A diaper caddy is a super convenient piece to add to your nursery. We love that you can easily move this around your home and keep baby’s essential within reach. We also love this acrylic caddy option.

3. Silicone Changing Pad: We love that this changing pad is wipeable. This one is in the vanilla color, which is versatile and will work in any nursery design. If you’re looking for a cushy one to use with changing pad covers, then this foam changing pad is great and it’s Green Guard Certified.

4. Rattan Changing Tray: This changing tray is definitely a favorite around here. It’s sturdy and the natural rattan can add a little warmth to the space. This shop also sells an acrylic changing tray too, which you’ve probably seen in lots of our designs!

5. Drawer Organizers: There are several great options for drawer dividers and organizers, and it depends on the type of drawers you have. But in general, we like this linen option for a sleek look. There are other expandable options too like this bamboo expandable drawer divider. These dividers will make organizing the teeny tiny baby clothes, socks and swaddles much more manageable.

6. Active Repair Baby Water: This is a non-toxic and multi purpose solution that helps speed up the natural healing process of the skin. It can ease eczema, diaper rash and cradle cap and various skin issues. We don’t often recommend baby care items, but this one is great!

7. Small Stackable Storage Trays: These clear stackable storage trays are perfect for little bows, chips, pacifiers and more. It’s much easier to find what you need when you have a dedicated space for the smallest items, and since these are acrylic, you can easily see what’s inside them.

8. Nursery Laundry Hamper: We love placing a hamper or bin with a lid nearby the changing station. This one has great texture and a neutral color. If you end up using a different system for laundry, these bins also work great for storing stuffed animals or toys (with a lid to hide them!).

9. Non-toxic Diapers and Wipes: Disposable diapers have improved a great deal over the years. These diapers are non-toxic and also happen to have aesthetic packaging.

10. Non-Toxic Baby Lotion: Pipette has a great line of baby lotions and bath products and this one is EWG certified. We love to keep a balm in the caddy too. Their packaging is also very cute and will look great on your changing table.

11. Acrylic & Gold Nursery Storage: These larger storage boxes are both pretty and versatile. These will keep your baby lotions and other essentials easy to find and grab. We use these all the time in our nursery designs!

If you’re looking for more nursery favorites and must-haves, head to our post on Our Favorite Products for Your Baby Registry. When you book a design service with us, we also include a comprehensive list of favorites to ensure you have a super functional, safe, and organized nursery.


*This post may contain affiliate links, but don’t worry, I only link items that I 100% recommend! You can view our Disclaimer here.

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