Here at Little Crown Interiors, we don’t generally design nurseries with a blatant theme. Sometimes we will weave in a subtle theme, but most of our clients ask for nursery designs with a sophisticated feel. However, we do always ask clients if there are any themes that they like since we do need subject matter on occasion for things like artwork or bedding. One nursery theme that our clients to ask for frequently is the safari theme. We’ve pulled together five nursery designs that all feature a safari theme in varying amounts so you can see just how much variety there can be with a theme!

Neutral Safari Nursery with Bold Emerald AccentsNeutral Safari Nursery E-Design with Emerald Accents

First up is the neutral safari E-design above. This one is extremely subtle—the only real “safari” element is the artwork above the crib. The wallpaper and color palette lend themselves to the theme as well, but they aren’t direct so the nursery still feels soft and sophisticated.

Colorful Modern Safari NurseryColorful Modern Safari Nursery

This colorful safari nursery above was for a client here in Orange County. She wanted something more bold and bright knowing that they were likely going to move shortly after. (Spoiler alert—they didn’t move, and now we’re working on redoing this room for a 3-year old!). We had a custom safari mural painted on the wall, but everything else is not a direct safari theme. The curtains, wild as they are, were actually already a part of this home, so we worked the design around them.

Neutral Nursery E-Design with Safari WallpaperNeutral Nursery E-Design with Safari Wallpaper

This neutral nursery E-Design above is much more neutral, but if you look closely, it has a few more safari elements. The wallpaper has a safari animal look, and we added a few more decor pieces, like the giraffe wall art, elephant head and the standing giraffe. Because the colors are softer, this nursery also doesn’t feel overwhelmed by a theme.

Bold Safari Nursery E-DesignA Safari Inspired Nursery with Bold Colors

This is another safari themed nursery E-Design above. We love how bold this design is! Again, the only safari theme items in here are the elephant artwork and the leopard ottoman. Everything else just lends itself to the theme in a more subtle way, like the green rug and warm wood dresser.

Light Neutral Nursery with Subtle Safari Accents E-DesignA Neutral Nursery E-Design with Safari Details

Our last example is a neutral nursery E-Design for a client who wanted a bit more of a safari punch, but with neutral tones. The wallpaper is a super fun safari-inspired pattern, and the textured wallpaper on the ceiling adds to the vibe. There is also a standing giraffe and some animal artwork, but the room still feels sophisticated and subtle.

Which one is your favorite?


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